Trying to create tiles

Hi guys, How can I possibly create image tiles style exactly like I’ve installed the preview plugin and tried to implement all the settings I could for that style…but I didn’t find a way to get that style. Is that a custom CSS?

I’m going to make an educated assumption that you are referring to the Topic List Previews plugin.

It’s best to post on a plugin’s Topic when you want help with it so your scope is crystal clear.

In any case, if that’s the case you need to add the relevant topic lists in which you want a Tiles view to the setting:

If by “Tiles” you mean “Thumbnails” then you need the topic list thumbnail setting instead.

(“Tiles” is my alternative name for ‘masonry’ layout).

This is explained here: How to Use: General Settings - Topic Previews - Pavilion

More TLP stuff here: Topic Previews - Pavilion

As for the exact CSS they are using, you can either ask them nicely for their theme source, or inspect their site using your browser’s inspector.

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