Trying to disable Discobot


I followed the instructions in a previous post now closed and I can still see the discobot icon and the greeting.

Am I doing something wrong or is there anything else to do to make it disappear from the site?
We don’t want to use it as it is and will find a way to use for our users’ benefit but not as it is right now.

Also, I have changed the icon removing the robot head and replacing it with an information icon (“i” inside a circle) and this appears in the messages sent but the icon in the user menu still shows as a robot head. Can this be changed?



(Daniela) #2

You can change it from /admin/customize/site_texts. Search for discourse_narrative_bot.new_user_narrative.hello.title


Thanks, Got it. I think I manged to disable discobot, only that as I had received a message, the icon is still there, but I think new users don’t see discobot.