Trying to figure out the order of initializing WP SSO Plugin and bbPress Migration

(Carey B) #1

I’m unsure of the order in which I should set up WP SSO and migrate the existing users/topics with the plugin discussed here.

I know the WP SSO plugin shares user credentials between the two platforms, but the existing plugin migrates the credentials in a way that you have to reactivate the account, which I’d rather not do… (and I don’t think the SSO plugin requires, correct?)

So here’s what I’d ultimately like to happen:
Initiate SSO between my WP site and the new Discourse forum I’ll create.
Have the user information already there.
THEN migrate the forums, topics, and posts over from bbPress but let the SSO plugin manage the users.
Does that make sense? Is that even possible?
And if so, is that the correct order?

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!