Trying to log in with an email not verified

(Ahmad Mushtaq) #1

I first noticed it on my dev machine with update repo, i just now tried it on and I get the same behavior:

  1. I registered with an email, lets say

  2. I check that I received activation email, (which btw went to my junk/spam folder). I did not click on the account activation link. I go back to and try to login with the unactivated account. Result:

Shouldn’t it show the email instead of sentTo ?

I click on the “Click here to send activation email again” and then:

Is this expected behavior ?

(Felix R.) #2

Duplicate of this,

Already fixed in FIX: 1.9 regression on i18n strings with variables · discourse/discourse@b65ac13 · GitHub


(Ahmad Mushtaq) #3

Cool, thanks for posting it here.

(Sam Saffron) #4