Trying to set up Discourse on Patreon but the url doesn't work!

Help! i am not a techie person and my brains are falling out here. I am working on installing Discourse for Patreon. I have all of the api keys and am now trying to configure it but the url given to do this doesn’t work. This is the one given on the “Configuring Patreon integration with Discourse” page…

When I try to go there it says the page cannot be found. I have tried over and over, it just doesn’t work. Help! I really need to get this set up today. Thank you so much!


You need to replace ‘’ with the name of your site.

The easiest thing to do is to go up to your address bar, clear everything after the 3rd slash and replace it with:

e.g. here on meta, I would go to:


Ok thanks I got it now!

Hi Maitri, the URL needs to be the address of your forum — that settings page is for your Discourse installation, rather than for your Patreon page. Do you already have a Discourse forum set up? If not you’ll need to do that first! The Discourse Patreon plugin just connects the two together.


Oh Brendan, no I don’t! It is all so confusing when you are a content creator and not a techie! Where do I go to do that? I’ll look but your help would be much appreciated! I am creating a worldwide support community for women and I know Discourse is just what we need.

Oh okay I just found a site for the Discourse hosting, but I thought Discourse was a free platform? I read more than one place that it was free. What am I missing?

Ah I just saw it’s $20 a month after the free trial. Sounds like it would be too technical to do it on your own. I’ll sign up and create the forum now!

Hey yeah I understand how it can be confusing! I started as a content creator too and have had to learn a lot of the tech stuff along the way :slight_smile:

Discourse is free software, but it has to be hosted somewhere. Similar to Wordpress, if you’re familiar with that at all — it’s open source, so anyone can use it for free, but it has to be installed on a server somewhere, and that’s the part that costs $ and requires setup.

Discourse (the company who creates the software) will host it for you and manage all the tech stuff but it is a bit pricey:

However if you read the FAQ further down that page you’ll find other options — you can either install yourself for free (fairly straightforward but does require a bit of technical proficiency) or you can buy a $99 install, and after that pay just the hosting fee, which would start at $5 a month on Digital Ocean for example.

Guessing you’re seeing the $20/month option at Plans and Pricing - DiscourseHosting which is yet another option! That’s hosting with a third-party company, and seems to fall somewhere in between the top of the line official business hosting level and the DIY method. So that might be a good way to go if you can swing $20 / month.

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One suggestion would be if there’s someone in your community who seems tech-savvy you could have them take a look at the instructions here and see if it seems manageable: discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

It’s billed as a 30 minute install which I’m sure holds for those already familiar with this sort of tech stuff, but is a bit complicated…someone with intermediate tech experience could probably get it set up in a couple hours. We set up ours with the $99 one-time install fee and then have managed it ourselves since then. Once it’s set up it pretty much runs itself, though it does require occasional updates which are pretty straightforward if you’re at all familiar with the command line, otherwise a bit tricky.

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Well I am here pulling my hair out. I will have to do the $20 a month because I can’t afford the $99 install right now. I have a week free and then recurring payments set up. BUT I have named my community and it’s there but every time I click on it it will only take me to a payment page again, not an admin page? I have already written support but darn. why must this all be so complicated? Yikes! :roll_eyes:

I really appreciate your help. I hope I can get this all figured out today and linked up to Patreon. I am creating a large community with lots of other things to install and do and I really want to get this one thing done and going! I just can’t thank you enough for your help…


Happy to help. I haven’t used but it’s a separate company from Discourse, the software creators who run (I know, a bit confusing!) so if that’s the payment thing you’re referring to I think you’ll have to wait til they get back to you for help finishing the setup on this.

Good luck! Definitely recommend taking some time to browse through this forum and reading some of the stuff in #howto:faq , it is pretty complicated and lots to learn both about the tech side of the software, and all its features. There isn’t really one big guide you can read front to back, but lots of helpful posts here on the forum and this is always a good place to ask questions when you get stuck. You’ll get more familiar with it over time!

Thanks so much Brendan! Again, I really appreciate your help. Have you ever heard of Discord? I am talking with them now too re live features. Their platform was created for gamers which I am not but my community will have live features and it integrates with Patreon. Every now and again I have to gather up all my brain cells that have fallen out my ears and shove them back in. I think I’ll take a nap with my 3 pugs! :grinning:

Onwards and Upwards I go! And you have helped so much…


I’ve heard of Discord but never used it. My impression is it’s more ‘live chat’, like Slack / instant messaging, rather than ‘forum’. I guess for gamers the live thing is most important, but IMO for a community where it’s important to build up knowledge / long-term discussion over time, a forum like Discourse will be a better bet.

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Brendan, I completely agree with you which is why I am using Discourse! Discord, if I use it, I am still trying to figure out if it would be the best tool for me, would be a way for me to have private live time with people at higher levels of Patronage on Patreon. Discourse will be the heart of the community. But I will be doing live videos 5x a week, short ones, “Coffee With Maitri,” and longer videos for other things. It will be many different things woven together for a worldwide community for women that is private, alive, and lively, hence using different platforms for different things. I teach both groups and privately and mentor, I have for 40 years, and I am moving everything I do to one place on Patreon. It’s a number of things to integrate but it will be wonderful once it’s established.

I have my discourse community up, now I have to integrate it with Patreon. Here I go! :smiley:

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Oh CRIPES! I now have my discourse forum. I went back to the page where I was trying to follow the directions before I actually HAD a forum…

I had created a Client/api but I didn’t have my real community name in for the redirect so I changed that but I am confused about what to put for the company name/domain and icon? I know that sounds stupid but I don’t understand if I am supposed to put my Patreon address or my discourse address and what icon? I’m so sorry to be such a bother, I hope you can help me… Sigh… I really want to get this up and linked to Patreon…

Thanks so much…

Not sure but sounds like that’s for the Discourse setup / settings? If it’s the general Discourse setup stuff (I think they call it a “setup wizard”) the company domain would just be your main website (whatever that is, usually the main domain of the site where Discourse is installed) and the icon would be the main site icon that serves as the Discourse link in the upper left. All the basic initial setup stuff you have to do configure just once at the beginning before doing anything else.

Once you finish the basic setup you’ll want to read the “Admin Quick Start Guide” topic which will exist in your forum by default. It has a bunch more info you’ll want to know for finishing setting up the Discourse site.

If you get stuck at any point with the setup I’d email discoursehosting if that’s who you’re using for this, they should be able to confirm details, make sure the domain is correct etc.

Thanks Brendan. The discourse forum is up, it’s integration of discourse with Patreon that I’m having trouble with. Actually, at this point, I’m in tears and losing it. I think I need to go work on something else. And the thing is I don’t know WHO to ask for help? Discourse or Patreon? I’m going to send a note to discourse and hope for the best. You’ve been so kind to me here and I appreciate it more than I can say. I’ve tried to fill in the form several different ways and none of them work. If I cursed or drank I’d be doing plenty of BOTH right now!!!


If you contact Jay at he can help, for a small fee.

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Thanks for the info Jeff. As it turns out the folks at Discourse Hosting Support, which I am using, are really helping me, I just had to ask, I didn’t know they would. I am working on it now. :smile: