Trying to understand spam detection

I am trying to understand an interesting behavior of my Discourse v2.2.0.beta9 +99 site. Last night it singled out an L1 user who has not been active for almost 2 years, and flagged 105 of his posts as spam (from when our forum was still phpbb3 based). Total user base is about 5K.

After reviewing, the guys was clearly trolling our forum. He pasted the same links over and over, and was derailing multiple threads while pushing his views. In short, I would agree with the actions of the system.

What I do not get though is; why now? We’re on Discourse since about 11 months, and as said, the user has not been active during that time. The system also flagged links to other posts inside the forum. Are links within the sub-domain of the forum also considered as spam?

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Usually has to do with links in PMs.