Tweet your post


Hi !
Since my community is brand new, with not many people, I was thinking about how can I grow it faster. And so,
I want to add a popup that pops right after a member submit a new post or reply, asking him to tweet it.
Is there such a tool you know? What do you recommend me to do?
Here’s an example of a popup I created

Thank you!


You want something like this ?


@Qasem_h Yeah I guess something similar. I want that the moment a user submit the post - he will get a popup asking him to share it. But I want it to be customized so I will able to set the text he will see.

(Alessio Fattorini) #4

Maybe you should explain to your users how share posts, take a look at this:


Yes of course, but I am also interested in some kind of a widget