Twitter Embed Video Not Displayed

(charles) #1

Visiting a tweet there is an option to use ‘embed video’ but when pasting code inside post it doesn’t show fully.

Here’s what it looks like using the twitter embed code

What am I doing wrong?

(Daniel Marquard) #2

I’ve seen this before in this topic. If the native Twitter embeds were used, videos and photos (and probably other rich content, like SoundCloud) would show. I hope this can be supported, as well as native Instagram embeds.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Not possible due to variable height. Variable height is a deal breaker due to the way we endless scroll.

That said we were able to change this recently to pull in Twitter images but that requires a valid Twitter API key just to get proper image dimensions.

(charles) #4

Does that mean currently, the only option that works for Discourse is the first one ‘copy link to tweet’?

(Kane York) #5

Yes, you need to (1) post the tweet link, and (2) fill out the API keys in the site settings.