Twitter login option not showing after config

(Scott) #1

After setting up the new Discourse forum and configuring my login options to use Google, Facebook, and Twitter I’m not seeing Twitter as an option.

I have double checked the consumer key and secret, even reset them to see if that would work. I checked the Twitter application for anything that still needed to be done.

Am I missing something ?? (other than the obvious Twitter login LOL)

Oh … and I also did a search to see if there was any information on this, sorry if I missed it.

(cpradio) #2

Did you enable the setting?

(Scott) #3

:derp: I feel like such a bonehead, my first reaction to that was “yep, otherwise I couldn’t have entered the keys” … as I thought by selecting the “enable Twiiter” button opened up the configuration options for the keys.

Soooo, after a more thorough review, I must admit in absolute “Support Forum Hall of Shame” fashion that indeed I DID NOT check the enable twitter logins button.

Good call … well played, THANK YOU!!