Twitter onebox not displaying content

Hi everyone - I’ve searched the forum and can’t find an answer to this particular issue I’m having…

Recently, Twitter oneboxes on our Discourse instance stopped displaying any content:

Instead of displaying properly, like this…

… oneboxed tweets instead all display like this:

This happens for every tweet I’ve tested (from lots of different Twitter accounts). These oneboxes used to work ok and I don’t know what changed.

Here’s a live example on our forum showing the issue in action.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going wrong?

(In case it’s relevant, we’re using Discourse 2.4.5)

A lot has changed recently with letsencrypt and postgres updates.

I would suggest you upgrade your instance as we are on 2.8.0 already.

make sure that your force https is also set to true

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Thanks Gavin - we’re hosted with Communiteq, so I’ll ask them about updating (they had some issues updating us during the last round due to some customisations we’d made).

I’ve also double-checked our force https setting, which is already set to true :+1:

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I am sure @michaeld can look into it and advise

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Your forum is pinned to that version because you are/were using the deprecated API authentication (using query string parameters) and we’re waiting for your confirmation that you have moved away from that. Please email our support when we can go ahead and update to 2.7.8.

Not sure if that will solve the oneboxes but at least it will give us a good starting point for further investigation.


Thanks Michael, that’s great. We sorted that issue and it’s on our to-do list to get back to you. We’re planning initially to update to 2.7.8 on a test instance to see whether it breaks any of the customisations and integrations we’ve set up. We’ll drop you a support request once we think we’re ready :slight_smile: