Two issues: Are they related to sidekiq? uninitialized constant Jobs::Jobs ::Scheduled (Discourse Newbie)

Specs: Ruby 2.6.1 Rails 6.0.0 latest “test-passed” branch of Discourse from Github.

I’m not able to add the hot-topics plugin. My server starts fine when I don’t add any plugins. But when I add the plugin files to my plugin folder, as plugins/discourse-hot-topics, I receive a server start up error.

1: from /home/mcgoy/Upwork/Discourse_Filter/discourse/plugins/discourse-hot-topics/plugin.rb:98:in block in activate!' /home/mcgoy/Upwork/Discourse_Filter/discourse/plugins/discourse-hot-topics/plugin.rb:100:in module:Jobs’: uninitialized constant Jobs:: Jobs::Scheduled
Did you mean? Scheduler (NameError)


Is this really plugin specific? Or is my newbie set up just wrong?

I also noticed that Sidekiq may not be running based on this message I see on the admin dashboard.

A check for updates has not been performed. Ensure sidekiq is running.

I’ve tried explicitly running sidekiq simultaneously and that changed nothing.

So really my issue is I want my plugin to work and I have a feeling I’ve made some newbie mistakes setting things up. I followed this simple guide Beginners Guide to Install Discourse on Ubuntu for Development and the basic set up seems to work.

Does anyone have insight on one or both of these issues?

Yes, hence the error message.

Well it is a bit of a generic message, and had the message about Jobs::Scheduled which let me to think there could be an issue with Sidekiq. Thanks for clarifying.