Two Step verification

(xXAlphaManXx) #1

There are many forums, discussion places where Two Step Authentication AKA Two Factor Authentication.

Is there any plugins or any thing that we can do to bring the same feature in discourse? My community now has nearly but less than 1000 people. Is it possible?

If yes, do please share it to me.

If it is not there, i request moderators to shift this topic to feature request section

Alpha Man :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Jeff Wong) #2

I don’t think this is in the native login atm… The best advice I have for you is to allow oauth with a provider that does have 2 step auth, and utilize that.

(Clay Heaton) #3

I also need 2FA for an upcoming research project where I hope to deploy Discourse. The scenario is that there are going to be researchers from several international institutions collaborating on some sensitive data and conversations. Do you have a recommendation for how I can require them to set up an oauth account with a supported provider that will allow me to require 2FA? Is there a provider known for doing this well? For instance, I know I could do it with G Suite, but given the nature of the collaboration, I cannot get a free nonprofit G Suite account and it’s too expensive to pay (in the project budget).

(Jeff Wong) #4

I’m not sure if I have any experience with free private 2FA authentication systems to recommend for you. The closest I know of, if you’re looking for something in the free budget and have some time to wire up an authentication system of your own, I know that Apereo CAS supports some flavors of 2 factor auth. I haven’t yet tried setting up 2FA myself though.