Typing (www., .co, .uk, .org., .net) in a editor results in a blank page

Hi Guys
Im getting some really weird behaviour when typing up a reply to a topic.
The moment i add any of the following, i get a blank page and fail to reload the topic in question until i remove that particular piece of text very quickly when the page loads, or else, it forwards onto a blank page again.

Any assitance please?

Let’s see: www. .co .uk .org and .net.

Seems to work just fine here…

yes ur right, im wondering if there is something in my config.
Will dig a bit deeper.

So i think this is something to do with onebox?

i typed “co.uk” in the text editor and see the following in the logs:

Started GET “/discussion/onebox?url=http%3A%2F%2Fco.uk%2F&refresh=false&category_id=3&topic_id=28978” for at 2018-06-13 10:32:17 +0000

Processing by OneboxController#show as HTML

Parameters: {“url”=>“http://co.uk/”, “refresh”=>“false”, “category_id”=>“3”, “topic_id”=>“28978”}

So it is immediately going off to try and create a preview of the URL, which is incomplete?
Is there any settings that i need to configure for this?


Ive read a few old threads which suggest that any url on a line on its own will be oneboxed, and to avoid it we can add a space or any other text to the beginning of the line.
But that doesnt seem necessary on this forum? Could someone tell me how its achieved here?

Im certain im missing some config.

You should try safe mode and see if the problem persists.

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yes it happens in safe mode too, and i switched off all the available options in safe mode.

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We have the following version installed:

[v2.0.0.beta10 +209]

I will try and update to see if it fixes the error.


I would suggest looking at the following locations for hints:

  • have you followed all the steps of the Official Install Guide
  • have you checked your http://yoursite/logs location (as an admin) for any errors that may give a hint as to the problem?
  • have you checked your production.log file?
  • have you checked the JS console log in your browser for errors?