Ubuntu Livepatch Service

I searched Livepatch Service and no results, is this just for the server or will it handle discourse updates also?

I have been installing, setting up, removing (lather rinse repeat) to learn, using meta to search issues

I am using a test server to learn and to help potential moderators also learn, right now 3 out of 5 report not being able to log in after registering and logging out


Edit update

I installed the livepatch and restarted still says the same


and the install is up to date

with no added “bs”


This was not a click to install through DO but a putty install

Thank you

This is an Ubuntu question, does not have anything to do with Discourse.

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Thank you!

I’m new to Linux, always heard they were mean people and to stay away, likely a rumor started by Bill G

Also new to discourse and other than searching and asking I haven’t found an actual study class or teacher, certainly not going about it the easiest way,

I did the DO click installs previously and am hoping to learn more this route, so far so good except the log in issue but something will give.

Thanks again for the clarification on those needed updates, maybe they will self populate by the time I log back in.

Hey Robert.

Yes, the packages on your server are not handled by the Discourse upgrade system, that’s up to your linux install configuration.

Discourse upgrades just pull down the application and components it needs to update itself.

Production installs are running in Docker and further isolated from the OS.


There will be many people with many strong opinions, but for the most part, as long as the os has security updates applied, you’ll be fine. I install systems to automatically apply security updates and reboot if it’s required (which the live updates may largely obviate).


Livepatch is a service launched by Canonical – the company behind Ubuntu.

It allows you to apply kernel updates “on the fly”, without rebooting.

Given a reboot only takes a few seconds and is needed no more than once a month, you’re probably fine without it :slight_smile:

I chose to disable this message by excluding it from the motd routine:

sudo chmod -x /etc/update-motd.d/80-livepatch

A lot of non-savy people follow the DO guide to installing Discourse. Since Ubuntu Server 18.04.1 recently came up as a safe upgrade from 16.04, seeing this question pop up doesn’t really surprise me.


This install was using the DO guide,

I’ll practice the github next

I did find what I needed at askubuntu for the packages


I sincerely want to acknowledge my appreciation. :+1:

Thank you :wave:

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