UI - reply to post link does not sync with the address bar URL & some other issues

(lid) #1

When replying to a post in a private message thread you get a message in the reply section header

“Replying to post 4 by …”

post 4 is actually a link to the post (#) , clicking the link will try to scroll the window to the actual post position,
On the first mouse click on the link the url in the address bar may show the wrong post id.
it will show /4 in the url momentarily but then in my browser it jumped to /2
then clicking again actually preserved the /4 untill i manually scrolled the page.

Expected behavior:
when clicking on the link the url should reflect the correct post_id on the first click

browser chrome 35.0/windows 8

somehow the code that calculate the post id on the scroll is invoked and return the wrong post id, timing issue possibly.

(lid) #2

A similar issue exists when using the progress widget for example in this post

Discourse Meta

if I manually input 6 and Enter, it will actually show that i jumped to 7 on the widget and the url will show 5
and then if i immediately repeat the process and enter 6 again the widget and the url will be properly sync with the actualy id I entered which is 6

(lid) #3

Another issue exists when let say I am using the “topic progress” to jump to id
then the message will highlight light blue for few seconds.
then let say I jump to message 9 using the topic progress
message 9 will highlight for few seconds too
but now if I jump to message 1, It will not highlight any more.

I assume the the highlight is a visual aid to what message we actually want, I don’t see why there is a limit to one highlight per message.

Expected behavior:
when ever a user jump to a post the post should provide the highlight visual unless the user is already on the post and then that can be optional.

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See this topic

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