UK based hosting?

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i recently saw a discussion on a linux mailing list about discourse, including a problem with a US hosting company, so i am wondering if there are any UK based discourse hosting companies?


It’s a big wide internet out there, why restrict yourself to the UK?

I’m not sure you could even guarantee the server is in the UK these days, even if you signed up with a UK entity :slight_smile:

I presume you are referring to a complete hosting service, rather than VPS and self-install?

If self-install there are loads of options all over the globe :slight_smile:

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i read of a problem with a USA based company, who charged a fee by mistake and then refunded, but because of bank charges the user lost out. i’d rather deal with a company who charge in £’s.

it looks like bytemark are a possible.

i would self-install.


The US has some of the best customer service in the world … I would not fear a US based, major internet firm whatsoever … and in any case (re)payments usually go across a global credit card network.

If you restrict to UK you may be paying over the odds… there are some great choices in Europe too.

Let us know which option you go with though … always nice to hear additional recommendations.

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By using eg. you can choose a london based location

I guess have something simular

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Digitalocean has LON1 (London) datacenter in UK.


But legally, both based on the East Coast of the US of A :slight_smile:

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I have emailed this user and it seems he has lost money because of this US company, it would be a drop in the ocean to them :smile: There will be a charge for $ to £ conversions if a UK card is used.
I have been looking at various UK and EU companies that accept payment in £’s or Euros and will decide after the weekend.


Let us know which provider and product you go with. I’m curious how well the UK competes in this space.

Minor card/FX fees should be no issue if that means you are avoiding a significant premium.


Vultr and DigitalOcean (and many others) let you decide in which zone you host the vps.

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I have decided to go with Bytemark.


Thanks for letting us know.

Like I said … looks pricey?

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I do not trust companies who charge in $'s and are outside the UK legal system.


Go with an EU based firm then? Same single market law.

I just briefly priced up an equivalent server on Scaleway. Am I missing something?!:

Bytemark: ~ £25/month, Scaleway (based in Paris): ~ £2.50/month

Still worth the premium?

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Bytemark is only £10


Not for same spec. Add memory and storage etc.

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It will do what I want. Install and test. They have good ethics too and pay UK tax.


If it’s a one off then fine. But imagine paying that premium in Production at scale over 5 years?!

If they are still in business in 5 years time whilst maintaining those uncompetitive prices I will be very surprised. Just goes to show how lazy some procurement departments are!

Wowsers, this from

No surprise there!

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I think there is more to choosing than price. I look at business ethics, environmental issues, support and various other factors.


Very true, but nevertheless they need to address their pricing (and any inefficiency driving those high prices) or they will go out of business and the rest will be moot.