UK based hosting?

(Carlo) #21 is a no brainer!

They have servers in France, UK and I believe in the US and Canada too.


Those prices are much more reasonable!

(Julian Robbins) #23


I recommend Bytemark. I’ve used them for a number of years and they are great. One unusual thing they do is have telephone support too.

They built their own Datacentre and have been going since the late nineties.

Highly recommended.

Otherwise I would also recommend Linode

(Matthew Bloch) #24

Hi @stohill, we recently published a guide to installing Discourse on our servers - which we’ve been testing & updating a lot over the last couple of weeks. So yup you can have billing & physical hosting & ownership all in the UK if you want, and we know Discourse pretty well.

We run two installs ourselves (for and another for internal staff discussion), so if you had any questions you’re welcome to ask our support team.

@merefield seems keen on our prices, I love a free business consultation :slight_smile: Bytemark has been around since 2002, and it wasn’t the cheapest then. But plenty of cheaper VPS companies have disappeared over the last 16 years. And hey - wow, I know a company nearby who does Discourse hosting for $100/month!! Who’s gonna pay that?? They’re surely going out of business soon etc. etc. :heart: