Unable to access admin panel

Hello i get this error when trying to visit the admin panel on my website

I tried to see if safe mode would fix this but it didnt. I recently installed to the latest discourse install, do you think that could have something with the issue?


This isnt account specific either, regular moderators cant access the admin panel too

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I’m seeing this error as well. Also after a recent Discourse upgrade.

@Noba1 Did you resolve this?

My guess is a rogue third party plugin. You absolutely should be able to access the /admin panel when logged in as staff (either an admin, or a moderator). I can’t think of anything in Discourse proper that would prevent this… other than not being logged in as staff!

Just to add to this, safe mode doesn’t disable all plugin behaviors. You will need to comment out any plugins from your app.yml to totally rule out their impact.