Unable to access Sidekiq dashboard with admin account

Hello all,

I have tested Discourse using the official recommended install using Docker and all went well on my local machine.

I have now moved to a staging/preproduction machine and successfully re-imported my backup.
When on my local machine, I could access http://my.site.tld/sidekiq when logged in as my administrator account but now that I have moved, unfortunately it does not work anymore and I cannot get to the Sidekiq dashboard (I get a “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.” error). Besides that, everything else works fine.

I have putted the Discourse instance on the custom port 8800 customizing my container description yaml file and using nginx as a reverse proxy (with a basic auth to only allow some people to access during the staging process).

Does anybody have an idea about what could prevent me from accessing the Sidekiq dashboard ? Is there any other mean to check the pending status of background tasks besides the Sidekiq dashboard webui (from the command line for example) ?

Thanks for your time reading me :blush: :sun_with_face:

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Sorry to bump this …
Nobody has any clue why I cannot access the sidekiq dashboard ?

Discourse does not support running on custom ports outside of local development-only setups. If you need different ports you must proxy.

I do not really understand, Discourse is running on custom port 8800 but I access it using nginx reverse proxy on the host that passes requests to Discourse Docker internal nginx (on port 8800).

This is not possible ? Because everything is working fine except for the Sidekiq dashboard that is not accessible.