Unable to change ownership of topic

(Michael Henderson) #1

Hi, :slight_smile:
I have some users on our forum that are having some issues with changing ownership of the topics. For more detail, please see the github issue here: Admin Account is unable to change ownership of topic 路 Issue #34 路 freeCodeCamp/discourse 路 GitHub

Any feedback or suggestions is greatly appreciated!
Thank you ,

(Michael Henderson) #2

can someone assist in this ?

(Robin Ward) #3

Are you on the latest version of Discourse? I just tried the feature here and it seems to work great.

Any information you could provide that would allow us to reproduce it would be very helpful.

(Michael Henderson) #4

no, we are running v1.6.0.beta8 +18. could this likely be the issue?

(Alan Tan) #5

Anything in /logs or the browser鈥檚 console?


Update discourse and try again.

(sujato) #7

I鈥檓 having the same problem, running v1.6.0.beta12 +64.

Scratch that, turns out the upgrade was glitchy, now on v1.6.0.beta12 +82 and can change ownership without problems.