Unable to click the tag in a Spoiler

(R_Jordanian) #1

i am at community.infinite-flight.com

So Basically what Happens that you cant click a tagged guy in a spoiler, it will just open/close the Spoiler

i used Chrome For Mobile at the mobile website


I cant open My Account when clicking at that Spoiler

(Owen Sullivan) #3

That doesn’t seem to be working for me either on my MacBook.

(R_Jordanian) #4

Well, That needs to be fixed

So the 1st Click is to remove Spoiler, and the 2nd click would be to go to the users page

(Sam Saffron) #5

It’s tricky, fixing this is likely to remove functionality, if we change this the only real consistent thing to do would be to remove the “toggle spoiler” functionality. Not against it but it is a feature change and means that if you click a spoiler by mistake you better be fast on the refresh button.

(Christoph) #6

On mobile press-and-hold gives me direct access to the user page.

(rizka) #7

On desktop clicking it with the middle button of my mouse opens it in a new tab as it is supposed to. Clicking it with the right button works as well, but requires an extra click.