Unable to creating new account in Discourse 1.9.0.beta1

(pprp) #1


I can’t create new account nor log in to Discourse 1.9.0.beta1.

The message show that “Something went wrong, perhaps this email is already registered, try the forgot password link” when he create new account.
So, I tried to password reset with email address but the message show “No account Matches”.
Could you someone help on this or please let me know if any suggestions to solve the same.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

1.9 beta 1 is not supported in any way; you’d need to update to 1.9 release or 2.0 beta

(pprp) #3


Thanks very much for the answer. And as suggested I will go for updating to 1.9 release or 2.0 beta.