Unable to delete a topic permanently even from terminal

I tried to delete this topic on my site with this topic ID, [54698]
even though the topic is 404 for logged out users, but as admin i am still able to navigate on that URL, and now when i try to change its title , or cateogyr or anything, it says requested resource was not found.

I want to completely 404 delete this topic from my DB.

i ran these 2 commands,

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c
Post.where(topic_id: 54698).destroy_all
Topic.find_by(id: 54698).destroy!

I am getting these errors,

i want to complete git rid of this topic even from admin account as Google adsense is giving me no-content policy warning on this page. As all posts have been deleted, but topic itself is still viewable.

I relazied its happending because i had 1st deleted the topic using the GUI on the website by pressing the trash icon and now i am trying to delete it using the terminal. how do i fix this?

What happens when an ordinary logged-in user visits the topic?
Why is Adsense even allowed to look at that page?

when a normal user visits the page, it also shows 404. but before I deleted that topic, adsense crawled it. but now I have deleted it but admin account can still openit so adsense ad get requests triggered so adsense thinks page is still there. how can I complete remove it sothat even admin account also gets 404?

When I go the website it says the post is invalid, I cannot see the post.
Most likely when administrators log on they can still see the post with a direct link but not a normal user cannot.

I do not believe you can make a page inaccessible to an admin, maybe modifying the server files to remove the page but I’m not sure.