Unable to delete uncategorized category

(Zack) #1

The “Do Not Post” category does not show up on the cat list.

No posts in said category.

Negative counter for topic numbers.

I looked through the search results here and it seems like this used to be a bug but was fixed, however, I’m unable to figure it out on our forums.

Thanks for any help, even if it’s to point out that I’m doing something wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Self-inflicted Zombie Category (happy to hire paid support)
(cpradio) #2

Did you rename the Uncategorized Category as “Do Not Post” If so, that would be why you can’t delete it.

(Zack) #3

Perhaps - it used to be General Discussion but the lack of “category icon” on the front page made me prefer to make it’s own category to show which posts were under General. Is there a way to either 1) delete uncategorized or 2) show the category name on front page next to post?

(cpradio) #4

Uncategorized is sort of its own “beast”. There are a few settings in the Admin > Settings area around it (not sure how many – but filter on uncateg and they’ll pop up).

As an Admin/Moderator, you will always see it as an option in the Create Topic/Edit Topic category drop down. The public likely doesn’t see it at all.

(Zack) #5

They see it because they still seemingly want to post in it. Do Not Post apparently is easily confused with Please Post Everything Here.

I’ll take a look and see what settings are in there - thanks!

(Zack) #6

It seems like my settings should disallow that, or am I reading it incorrectly?

(cpradio) #7

Do you have a link to your site? As since you are an admin, you’ll always see the Do Not Post option. But based on your settings, your users shouldn’t be seeing the category “Do Not Post”

(Zack) #8

I think I understand - what I’ll do is only elect a few moderators instead of having community members moderators. Might still be thinking old forum style instead of new forum style.