Unable to edit topic title to change "?" into "?" (3 question marks in a row)

(Irrational John) #1

Just now I tried editing the title of a topic to change

Anyone else having “?” displayed on Dexcom G4 receiver + pump?
Anyone else having “???” displayed on Dexcom G4 receiver + pump?

For some reason, the three question marks in a row apparently was changed into a single question mark. Huh?

For whatever the added context is worth, the ??? is one of status displays on a Dexcom CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) device, so it makes sense to be able to include it in a topic title.

(Sam) #2

This isn’t a bug, actually* - the “title prettify” setting (in admin/settings) removes the extra question marks, disabling it should allow you to use them.

*unless this specific use case was intended or somethin’

(Irrational John) #3

Is there some sort of way to “quote” the text in the title so that one can elect to include something “???” in a title without having it be prettied into non-existence? (Of course, I suppose I could tinker around just to see if I could guess something on my own, but asking first seems so much easier.)

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Unless you control the site settings, easiest thing to do is pick an alternate unicode ? to workaround for now.

(Irrational John) #5

I think I understand what you are suggesting, but I am not sure how to go about it.

I tired using ??? in a topic title on try.discourse.org hoping that this would display as ???.

Well … not so much. The symbol codes were not translated when used in the title so the topic title display contained ??? instead of the mulitple question marks.

The closest I seem to be able to come is to separate the “?” with a space as in “? ? ?”. Doing that at least prevents the multiple ?s from being “enhanced” out of existence. <sigh /> :disappointed:

(Jeff Atwood) #6

You could try � for example, or other Unicode glyphs. Just copy and paste that one.

Here is another ︖ try copying and pasting that one, it is a completely different Unicode point, I found it at


(Irrational John) #7

Thank you for the suggestion and apologies for taking nearly two weeks to try it. Both of your suggestions worked. Below is a screencap from try.discourse.org since that seemed the easiest way to illustrate how I tested this.