Unable to hide User Activity and User Summary for all users


(Julian Somoza) #1


Users complain about the privacy of their activities… They don’t want that other registered users to see the activity and summary tabs on the profile page.

There is any way or plugin for take this action?

Thanks in advance!

PD: I only founded a deprecated plugin called “more-privacy”.

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

Wait. You’re saying that your users don’t mind posting publicly, but they don’t want people to be able to tell that they posted publicly when people visit their profile page?

(Julian Somoza) #3

Well… I set the following CSS Styles on the /admin/customize/css_html

ul.user-nav li:nth-child(2) { display: none; }
ul.user-nav li:nth-child(3) { display: none; }
div.user-table div.user-stream { display: none;}
ul.activity-list { display: none; }
section.user-main div.secondary { display: none;}
section.user-main ul.user-nav { display: none;}

So the new profile view is…

Yes, yes… I know… You dont like this, but is my job satisfy the **** users.

(Jide Ogunsanya) #4

Hi @Julian_Somoza

Thanks for the code but it doesn’t seem to work on mobile view.