Unable to login, post, reset-password etc., after update

(Johnny D) #1

9th of November I updated Discourse using CLI, and man have I had problems since.


  • Unable to post
  • Unable to logout
  • Unable to login (SSO, or directly)
  • Unable to reset passwords

When I reset password using “rake admin:create”, I’m sure my password is being reset, but I can not login. The system accepts the password, and never performs login.

I have disables all modules, to ensure no conflicts but still having issues. The server is behind AWS CloudFront, but when trying to login, change or update/create via CloudFront or directly on the server, I get same results.

Any good ideas here?


(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

Do you have nginx (or another webserver) outsite you docker container?

Are you using SSL?

Did you try disabling Cloudfront?

(Johnny D) #3

I’ve tried to access my Discourse both using CloudFront, and not using CloudFront.
I’m using CloudFront with SSL(443), accessing the backend server without SSL(80).


(Johnny D) #4

Sorry, forgot to answer your first question. :slight_smile:

No, there is no other webserver running, other than the nginx within the docker container.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #5

Is the Site Setting force ssl turned on?

If it is, you need a proper configured proxy to everything work.

Here, 10 in 10 problems were caused by missing header in the proxy like this: