Unable to pin or create pinned banner

(Tom Adams) #1

I’ve installed Discourse today (using the Docker image on Digital Ocean) and everything seems to be fine apart from pinning a topic and pinning a banner - how do you do it? I thought it should be in the wrench section of the topic toolbar but I can’t see the option, it only list Wiki Post, am I missing something?

(Michael Downey) #2

It’s not in that wrench icon (below the first post).

It’s in the wrench icon that is in the upper right at the top of the page. Look for an item called “Banner Topic”.

This is horribly confusing UI so I understand how you’re confused. I never know which wrench to use, either. :smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #3

It’s pretty easy considering the per-post wrench only has one option :wink:

The way to think of this is that one works at the topic level, the other works at the post level.

This is also explicitly described in the READ ME FIRST: Admin Quick Start guide.

(Michael Downey) #4

Unless you installed Discourse before that file was updated, in which case you’ll never find out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Content docs updates aren't being applied to existing installations
(Tom Adams) #5

Thanks, found it now! I knew roughly where it should have been but on my desktop it was much further away from the topic than expected. As we’ve got a custom header (using greys) it blended in perfectly too.