Unable to revoke admin rights

(Ultra Noob) #1

@itsbhanusharma Another big problem

I am unable to revoke Admin right from one of my profile. Ref: Please see the Video link.

Non-admins can't set "title" to none!
(Jay Pfaffman) #2

Is that user’s email address in DISCOURSE_DEVELOPER_EMAILS in app.yml?

Then you’ll need to edit app.yml and create a new container, or run ./discourse-setup.

(Bhanu Sharma) #3

I don’t think that’s the case though! There was only 1 email in developer emails the last time I saw his app.yml.

@Gulshan_Kumar did you changed something besides the plugin links in the yml file?

(Ultra Noob) #4

I don’t know about this. But, in Dashboard it is showing two emails for admin accounts.


(Ultra Noob) #5

I am not sure about this. :frowning:

How to checkup?

‘TheGulshanKumar’ which is an extra admin account. Initially, I had created via social sign up (Twitter). My Both accounts has own seperate email inside Admin area.