Unable to set Category permissions

(Gordon) #1

I just installed a new Discourse forum (1.0.0), and I want to set up private (sub)categories, with C/R/S permissions to a single group.

When creating a category, or subcategory, or when editing one, I can’t remove a permission: clicking on the white-on-blue cross immediately closes the modal window. I don’t have any JS error in my console.

Also, I can’t just add permissions to the group (when validating the form, new permissions shows “Everyone can Create / Reply / See” again), but it may be normal, as the new permission is a subset of the default one.

This is a screenshot of the incrimined form (I can’t post images yet, so please copy that link):

I tried this on a recent Firefox, and Chromium, under GNU/Linux. Another forum admin tried too, and can reproduce the bug.

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Thanks, and sorry for the duplicate.

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