Unable to upgrade, button disappear on DigitalOcean

(Doctor Who) #1


I’ve got my regular discourse on digital ocean with following standard installation as discourse/INSTALL-digital-ocean.md at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub since 3 month now.
I’ve also do like you suggest automatic security update on Ubuntu

On http://mywonderfulldiscourse/admin/ I see that update is avalaible 1.2.0.beta4 --> 1.2.0.beta5
But I don’t see usual button that permit to upgrade it …

Also strange error , when I go to admin/update … message said the page doesn’t exist or is private

Thanks for your help

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Are you logged in as an administrator?

I recall we have seen a bug like this before, @sam do you remember the details? I thought it had to do with docker update being way out of date.

Anyway here’s what I suggest:

  1. Log in via SSH as root
  2. cd /var/discourse
  3. ./launcher rebuild app

(Doctor Who) #3

I’ve try with my administrator system account and also “system” user. Nothing

It works, Thanks @codinghorror I’m now in 1.2.0 beta5
But if I try again to go to http://forum.aduga.org/admin/upgrade
It said that page doesn’t exist or is private :open_mouth:

It’s weird on my test server, it’s same installation and the upgrade menu is working …

(Sam Saffron) #4

Something must be messed with your container config

(Doctor Who) #5

The only notice I’ve got when I rebuild is :

WARNING : no swap limit define

Also, could it be this fix which alter the upgrade version ? This is the only difference between my test/developping version and production version on DigitalOcean ?

(Doctor Who) #6

It was that, I edit containers/app.yml and delete these lines and /admin/upgrade is working.

Sorry, it was my fault, thanks for your help @sam and @codinghorror