Unable to upgrade discourse

(Terry Tong) #1

In admin/upgrade, the “Upgrade to the Latest Version” button is grey and can’t be pressed, any idea?

Should I upgrade discourse to the latest commit or the latest released version, e.g. 1.2? How to upgrade to a certain version?

How often should I upgrade docker_manager? Should I always keep it upgraded to the latest commit?

Upgrade page links to https://admin/upgrade
(Régis Hanol) #2

You should always upgrade docker_manager first and then discourse. That’s why the discourse update button is greyed out :wink:

(Terry Tong) #3

Thanks Regis, I upgraded docker_manager to the latest version (only 1 commit) and then successfully upgraded Discourse (though there was a new commit after the upgrade).

It seems that I should and have to always keep docker_manager updated to the latest bit.

Generally, when should I upgrade Discourse? Is the upgrade source git repo meant for development or production?

(Régis Hanol) #4

Depends if you like to leave on the bleeding edge or not :wink:

If you want a stable and fully tested forum, I’d recommend upgrading only when there’s a new version.
If you want all the new shiny features, you can update whenever you want.

(Terry Tong) #5

How to upgrade to a new stable version? In admin/upgrade it seems that it’s only possible to upgrade to the latest commit.

(Régis Hanol) #6

You have 2 solutions

  1. Only upgrade when there’s a new version available (shown in the admin dashboard)
  2. Change the tracking branch to stable or beta (default is test-passed) in your app.yml file (will require a rebuild of your container)