Uncategorised tag not showing on posts or in lists of posts

(gingerling) #1


I am having some odd issues at discuss.phpList.org

First of all, we allowed uncategorised posts, however, they had no coloured category tag on the post or lists of posts, as if they just “had no category”, with white space where the category infromation would normally be. I assumed this was normal, but when I go the the categories page you can see there is a category for them with a mustard coloured tag.

Also these posts would often not get read or any attention, I can’t work out if there is some bug or if people just don’t notice them because of the missing tag making them less visible in some way.

I then disallowed posting with no category for a while, because of them mostly being support requests and not being read, however, we actually do want uncategorised for legitimate uses.

I am really confused as to why the uncategorised coloured tag does not show on posts with this category.

I would also like to make it so uncategorised is not the default, to stop lazy people just not using the category function.

(Kane York) #2

Sounds like you want the setting “suppress uncategorized badge”.

(gingerling) #3

ah, thank you, my hero!!!