Uncategorized topics not allowed, still seeing tag places

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Continuing the discussion from I deleted “uncategorized”. Is this bad?:

Uncategorized is still showing up in the hamburger menu for everyone even though we have it not allowed and admins/mods still see the uncategorized category with no posts, just avatars on the Category page.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

@Neil can you add this to your list for next week. If allow_uncategorized_topics is unchecked:

  • Uncategorized should not show up on the hamburger menu (maybe just for staff, if possible? If not no big deal, they can always go to /categories.)

  • Suppress the uncategorized topic for staff on the /categories page if there are no uncategorized topics.

I would argue that staff should see uncategorized as a category if somehow posts get added in there – and staff can create a new uncategorized topic if they want to, even with allow_uncategorized_topics turned off. It is one of their superpowers.

(Neil Lalonde) #3

I made these changes today. If allow_uncategorized_topics is unchecked:

  • Uncategorized will always show up on hamburger menu for staff.
  • Uncategorized will not show up for non-staff unless there are topics there.
  • Also, staff weren’t able to make uncategorized topics, so I gave them that superpower.

Uncategorized shows up in Categories menu and results in 404
(Jeff Atwood) #4

See if that works for you @illspirit if it does, we can close this topic as complete.

(Jacob) #5

Works great, thanks @neil!

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