Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined

Hi guys!

After last update or maybe something else, I’m getting this in the root directory:

When I’m put /latest it works just fine! When, after visiting /latest, I go to root - it works until you update your page with F5 or Ctrl+F5.

Tried without luck:

  • safe mode
  • ./launcher rebuild app

Any ideas?

PS: I’m using cloudflare, if I’m directly connecting to my IP without cloudflare, it seems all is fine.

Then you can search here for “cloudflare” and find a bunch more reasons not to use cloudflare.

Thanks man, just in case I want to stick to cloudflare, any suggestions?

It seems you already know the suggestion?

Turn off all cloudflare “speed up by messing with the content” features.

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Is there any chances that discourse would be fixed to support cloudflare?

Discourse isn’t the software with the problem. Feel free to open a ticket with CloudFlare.

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