Unclosed HTML tags affecting text in oneboxed links


Unclosed HTML tags placed before a onebox link are influencing the onebox text.









(Jeff Atwood) #2

How is this a bug? It’s an unclosed tag before content. The tag will affect the content downstream, exactly as you would expect it to.

(Mittineague) #3

I can see where preceding unclosed tags might happen due to member error. but I certainly wouldn’t call it “normal/typical”

If this is absolutely necessary to prevent, I think the only way to do so would be to isolate the oneboxes inside of iframes. Which IMHO is a non-option

(from TDWTF) #4

You can abuse it to make oneboxed content a link.

Filed Under: I’d say even if you don’t want to acknowledge it as a bug you should probably try to prevent it if possible

Addendum: It’s a link in the preview… not so much on the live-page. Dunno if this still holds, then.Maybe I am lacking rights?

Addendum2: let’s edit this once more so I see the pencil and can thereby check raw… Okay, whats the Ninja-edit time over here?

(Kane York) #5

The browser helpfully closed your <a> tag for you.

The <a> tag gets closed by the processor, probably in the link sanitizer section.


The primary issue I see is that the one box doesn’t smoothly adjust based on the HTML tags. Look at the <small> example: there is a lot of empty space in there, both above the article title, and between the lines. Then there’s the <big> example, the lines have no spacing at all, and even overlap each other. These are the type of things that really shouldn’t even happen.