Understanding moderator actions and undo?

I have been using Vanilla for a few months and recently migrated to Discourse. One of the things that I’m running into with Discourse as a moderator is the inability to undo an action on Discourse or when I do attempt to fix a mistake it creates a mess of tracking info. I am human and make mistakes. While Vanilla would allow me to merge, split, flag, unflag, etc. to my heart’s content without it being public but Discourse tracks everything including all of my mistakes and makes it public.

If I disposition a post flag Discourse will not allow me to undo or choose another action.

Undeleted posts within 24 hours of being deleted are permanently marked as deleted and tracked as such on my profile. This makes no sense to me. Undeleted posts should reduce the deleted post count, not add to it. This punishes me for deleting a post and undeleting it.

Is there a guide on what is the recommended flow for Discourse moderators? There are a lot of options for dealing with flagged posts and I always feel uncertain whether I made the right call with my decision.

Yes. Here you go: Discourse Moderation Guide


This sounds like a bug to me. Can you provide us with the reproduction steps in #bug?