Understanding progress bar post numbering

(Bill Ayakatubby) #1

Continuing the discussion from Windows Phone IE scroll position quirks:

I’m able to reproduce the above bug report in Chrome 33 on Win 8 desktop. Post 56 is the one displayed at the top of the screen, though the top of it is scrolled off just ever so slightly. If I middle-click to open it in a new tab, the URL bar shows 56, 57 if opened in the same tab. There seems to be no difference in scroll position on same-tab vs new-tab. The first time I tried, the progress bar said 51. Now it consistently says 52.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Seems correct to me…

  1. I click on the link and get taken to post #57. The target post loads in the middle-top of the page rather than the top because @riking wanted it that way, I guess. He’s the one who submitted the PR for to change this, which causes the disconnect between what’s at the top and what’s in the “top-middle”. You know you are on post #57 because it starts blue and then fades away – it was the target post for the URL.

  2. The URL reflects the TOP of the topic, so that’s now post #56.

  3. The progress bar reflects the BOTTOM of the topic, so that’s post #60.

Visualized in screenshot with annotations:

Now one quirky thing here, we are RIGHT ON THE BORDER for post #59 and post #60. I’ll show you the scroll point at which this changes:

Seems to be triggered by the beginning of the post controls at the bottom of post #59. You could maybe argue that the scroll point for calling something “post #60” should start after the post controls of post #59 and not where they begin.

(Ony A) #3

This seems to be an unnecessarily confusing choice. Especially considering that normally url anchors don’t behave that way (there’s the argument that this isnt the typical ‘#’ anchor, but still). It confused me because I’m used to an ‘anchored element’ starting at the top of the page. If for whatever reason someone clicks a permalink, goes to another tab and comes back (so they don’t see the blue bg before it fades out), they’re not going to know what post they’re looking for, their url has changed, the progress bar isn’t helping.

If this won’t be changed, could we at least add post numbers to the posts?

(Bill Ayakatubby) #4

Since you showed me yours, let me show you mine.

  • The top post shown is 56, despite the link in the OP being to 57.
  • The progress bar shows 52 which is less than 56, rather than 60 which is greater.

Same issues whether logged in or incognito.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

As I already mentioned, the loading of a target post in the top middle of the page is a change @riking made. You will have to ask him about that.

I cannot repro your scroll issue in chrome, minus the slight oddity of counting the post control area as the next post… have you tried in safe mode with plugins disabled?

(Kane York) #6

I chose that just because it looked better to me, without regard to the other read tracking stuff. I’m fine if someone wants to change it, not particularly attached to 20% down the page or anything.

I would enjoy if someone found a way to mane all three of these consistent.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Well your change made them less consistent. So congrats you are now part of the problem! :wink:

(Ony A) #8

Well it seems the url and position issue would be resolved if the 20% push didn’t exist. So that makes sense.

The progress bar is still broken though. Agreeing with @BhaelOchon, it’s less for me as opposed to more, which I think gets worse on longer posts.

Like the Digital Ocean post, I start out with what Jeff is getting (the 2 number differnce), but I scrolled slowly and noticed that by post 33 it evened out for whatever reason, then the progress bar became too slow. So by the time the bottom of post 45 is at the bottom of the page, the progress bar is still at 38. I tried this in both the most current versions of Chrome and Firefox in Windows.

I don’t know why you can’t reproduce it, maybe it’s an OS issue. Perhaps the progress bar can just use whatever value’s in the url currently instead?

(Luke S) #9

I also have been able to reproduce @BhaelOchon’s issue with the progress bar falling behind. Again, on the digital ocean thread, post 97 is front and center. (as counted by url and by hitting Reply-to-post, and reading the number listed in the editor) Progress bar reads “92 of 170.”

Chrome 33.0.1750.154 m, no extensions, Win 7 Pro.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

The progress bar should never have a value lower than the URL post number, that is for sure. Maybe that could be a cross check @sam, you were the last person to work on this as far as I recall.

(Bill Ayakatubby) #11

Just to be clear, I’m experiencing the issue when clicking on the link in the OP that has a post number appended–57 in this case–and just staying there. I’m not scrolling around or going to top of the topic and scrolling all the way down manually.

(Luke S) #12

Confirmed. I also, as an experiment, entered the top of that topic (from search) and scrolled down. Same issue.

(Bill Ayakatubby) #13

I’ve also confirmed that the same issues occur in Firefox 28 on Win 7.

(Luke S) #14

And also confirmed on IE 11. (Also Windows 7) Later today, I may be able to check on a Vista system w/chrome and a IE, if that helps.

Edit: I also just checked on a longer HTG thread, just to confirm that this is not some bug with that one thread. I can find the progress bar falling behind if I scroll down a ways.

(Bill Ayakatubby) #15

Perhaps this isn’t related to the progress bar, but something else - hidden posts? admin actions? - that causes progress bar problems as a symptom. Other long threads don’t exhibit the same issue.

There’s definitely a problem with the DO/Docker thread (same whether anonymous or logged in TL2):

As well as with this HTG thread, where I also see the same issue (anonymous):

(Jeff Atwood) #16

Aha, so it ties into staff vs non-staff views. That at least makes more sense…

(Sam Saffron) #17

In the past we “renumbered” post numbers, it turned out to be a very bad strategy leading to a myriad of weird and wonderful issues.

The counter at the bottom only indicates your position in the stream, as in the “stream” has N items and you are in position K.

Post numbers aligning with the number at the bottom is a matter of chance. I guess we could permanently keep deletion stubs around for everyone, but it could make topics a bit noisy when stuff is split / merged.

(Ony A) #18

My issue with this is how confusing it is? The average visitor is not going to know about any of the technical stuff and is just going to see a misleading set of numbers on the bottom while viewing long threads. Surely there has to be a more user-friendly way to handle post-numbering.

(Jeff Atwood) #19

I disagree that it’s confusing, excepting the two cases case outlined above:

  1. Where the post controls are considered part of the “next” post.

  2. Where the post number shown in the progress bar (the bottom post) is lower than the number in the address bar (the top post) which should be impossible.

Both of those are kind of silly @sam and should be looked at.

Let’s define a scenario:

  • there are 100 posts in a topic, numbered #1 through #100.
  • a moderator subsequently deletes posts #60 through #80
  • you scroll from #1 to #59… all good…
  • you scroll past post #59 and suddenly you are on post #81. That is still post #81.

In other words, posts are numbered in absolute, not relative terms.

(Dave McClure) #20

In this scenario, the address bar ends with /81

What do you want it to say in this case in the progress bar?

  1. 60 of 79
  2. 81 of 79
  3. 81 of 100

Currently, its #1.