Understanding the issues/risks with changing owner of posts

Changing owner of posts is a crucial part of our workflow in our community. We get alot of inquiries from members via other channels, which we then post in the forum on their behalf. Yesterday I noticed what I think is a new warning, or one I had never noticed before. Can someone explain it to me? I think I don’t understand the issues/risks with using this feature which I depend on so much. Thanks! :seedling:

Note that any notifications about this post will not be transferred to the new user retroactively.
Warning: Currently, no post-dependent data is transferred over to the new user. Use with caution.

I suppose this is a “workaround” for this bug:

I haven’t quite understood why the fix mentioned in that topic hasn’t been applied, though.

So since you are obviously aware of that bug, your question concerns this second part, right?

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Thanks, @tophee. TBH, I’ve just been obliviously using the change ownership feature, without consideration for and without noticing any wonky behavior. I haven’t been seeing misplaced notifications or any problems.

So yes, I am wondering why the feature says to use it with caution, and if I am causing major problems by just wantonly using it and throwing caution to the wind. What does that line even mean?


Hm, but when you create a topic on Jon Doe’s behalf and Jane then replies to that topic, Jon isn’t notified about Jane’s reply, right?

Note that any notifications about this post will not be transferred to the new user retroactively.

This means that notifications about likes, replies, etc. are not transferred to to new owner. The previous owner will still see them in the notification list. All future notifications (at least after When changing post owner, notifications still sent from/to original owner is fixed) will appear on the new user’s notifcation list.

Warning: Currently, no post-dependent data is transferred over to the new user. Use with caution.

I think we can remove that warning. It’s scary and I can’t think of anything major that isn’t transferred to the new user. Maybe @riking, the original author of that feature, has something to add.


Thanks @tophee and @gerhard for your attention to this - really appreciate it. Looks like I don’t have so much to worry about.

I have no idea. This has not appeared to be broken to me anymore. I have not prioritized trying to figure out what’s actually going on with test user accounts. Maybe that would be a good idea to help me understand the implications. (But then where would I be with my test flight? :small_airplane:)

Makes sense to me! Though I still am not entirely clear on what data is not transferred and why it matters.

Reading these topics, it sounds to me the only potential problem is about topic notification level for the original and new post author. I’m not so worried about the previous author, because it’s almost always me and I am already watching everything. For the new author, maybe it’s fine if their notification level stays as it was (presumably at NORMAL, notified if someone mentions them). They may not appreciate being bombarded by further replies to a topic they didn’t actually write themselves. I can just add it to my workflow to mention them in a reply or notify them separately to let them know what I’ve done.

I don’t care so much about previous notifications either, because there usually aren’t any for me because I am changing the author immediately after posting when I post on behalf of someone else.

FWIW, it would be fantabulous if the original author didn’t feature in this at all if the topic author is changed within the ninja edit window. But that is likely too much to ask.

No wonder you didn’t notice any problems in practice: it turns out that you’re actually quite happy with the bug as it is… :laughing:

But seriously: I think your use case is somewhat special and I don’t think it should serve as a template for (not) fixing this. If you’re publishing posts on the behalf of others then you should obviously have their consent and that consent would naturally include that they are okay with receiving the same notifications as when they post themselves, right? And in most situations I can think of, the (new) post owner would actually expect to be notified. So I’m quite happy to hear that this is under way as planned.

The question about the notification status forvthe previous owner is a good one though.

I fully agree. There is no reason why the previous owner should be tracking by default. I suppose the idea was that the original owner is probably also somehow interested in the topic but if that is the case, no one will stop him or her from tracking that topic manually.

This makes me wonder: the original owner does get an edit notification, right? If not, I think that would be fair to have.

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One person’s bug :bug: is another person’s feature!!! :gift_heart:

It seemed broken in the past because I got notifications about replies, as though I were the author. That buggy behavior has been gone for a while now.

Everything else you said I agree with :100: %.

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