Undo all my SSL-related changes?

Hi everyone - I got my installation in a weird state. I made some mistakes renewing my SSL certificate, and the forums refused to load. I used a namecheap SSL cert. I overrode that by enabling letsencrypt instead. That seems to work fine, but the address bar still shows me as using the older namecheap SSL cert instead.

How do I reset everything and go back to setting SSL up from scratch?


Linux server. It is a digitalocean droplet running Ubuntu.

Rename your app.yml to something else and run discourse-setup.

Thanks Jay! To re-enable SSL on my discourse instance on digitalocean, can we use this guide: How To Install an SSL Certificate from a Commercial Certificate Authority | DigitalOcean Or should we use the discourse/docker-specific one here: Advanced Setup Only: Allowing SSL / HTTPS for your Discourse Docker setup

I would run ./discourse-setup and use a free and trouble-free Let’s Encrypt certificate.

Thanks! I will do that.

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