Undo conversion from topic to PM with PMs disabled

Fortsætter debatten fra Undo conversion from topic to PM as a moderator?:

As an admin, I just accidentally did this, and I cannot see/find a way to convert the PM conversation back into a (public) forum topic.

Any pointers?

There should be an option in the PM to do this. I’ve done it a couple of times. Same place as the convert to message option.

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It’s not an option for me:

(Currently using v2.4.0.beta4.)

Is this maybe related to the forum in question having PMs “disabled”?

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This was the issue indeed. Turning “enable personal messages” on showed the option for me, so I converted it over, and then promptly disabled it again. This seems like a bug, TBH.

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This happened to me two days ago - I just refreshed my page and it worked :confused::thinking: