Undo like on post

(Blu McCormick) #1

I’d like people to be able to immediately undo a like on a post in the event of clicking accidentally. Am I correct in my understanding that setting this setting to 0 permits immediate undoing of the like click?:

Currently, I am not able to undo my likes on posts. Thanks, everyone.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

No, this means they can never undo a like, you have provided a 0 minute interval for undo.

(Blu McCormick) #3

Oh no, lol. Thanks. Glad I asked.

If I want no limit on undoing likes, is that possible, and if so, what would the setting be? If this is not possible, I’ll just give members the max time permitted to change their mind, no problem. I am guessing you guys have thought this out carefully as to giving people time to changing their like and all of the ramifications of that on the back end.

FYI, I made the erroneous association of this setting for the Q/A plugin with the like setting where 0 does mean no limits on when can undo a vote (my bad):