Undo rather than 'are you sure' when cancelling posts/topics

(Wilfred) #1

If you hit cancel on a post, Discourse shows an ‘are you sure’ pop-up:

I think the GMail approach of providing an ‘undo’ after the fact would be more useful:

It makes the UI more responsive (and saves a precious click) for the users who did actually want to cancel, but still provides a safety net for accidents.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This is already possible – if you post something and don’t want it to be posted, click the delete icon under the post.

(There are certain limitations with first posts in a topic due to potential griefing.)

So effectively both of these things are already true.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

I see, this implies a much more comprehensive set of draft management tools than we have, or are willing to build, at this time. Eventually!

(Wilfred) #4

I think we understand each other, but I’ve added screenshots to clarify. I understand it’s not a priority, but thought it’s worth mentioning.