Unexpected reply indicator when reply target was deleted

Currently viewing the following topic shows a reply indicator to @sam … but no post in the topic by @sam.


Refreshing the page doesn’t help.

He deleted his reply… not a bug.

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I’m glad it’s not a bug - first time I’ve seen this situation as a user.

As an admin you can see the deleted post…

… however as a user this seems confusing without the deleted post existing in some way.


Curious here, according to the #bug category defintion,

A bug report means something is broken, preventing normal/typical use of Discourse.

Normal/typical use of Discourse is that when clicking on the reply indicator, it shows the post replied to above. By having a indicator that doesn’t do anything when clicked, isn’t that abnormal/untypical?

It’s still originally a reply to Sam, so it seems correct to me to retain that information even if Sam’s reply was deleted. You can infer that it’s deleted because there’s no way to expand the post. I dunno, seems 100% correct to me…

It would be nice if you didn’t need “insider knowledge” of how this works and clicking it told you that the post had been deleted.


Hmm…I don’t like that personally. In the current example Sam wrote a post, cpradio replied, and sometime after sam deleted his post. At that point in tme, Sam has no posts in the topic, so to the average user reading the topic, they will question what cpradio is replying too. Maybe if there was quoted text I would feel differently, but no inference should be needed to understand what is going on in a topic.

Maybe add some kind of indication that the post was deleted, like displaying “this post was deleted”, or the like when clicking on sam, or changing the icon and removing the click target, or putting a strikethrough over the username. It just doesn’t feel right that clicking Sam would have a different affect than clicking another reply indicator (no others exist in this topic, but my point remains).

Edit: ninja’d by @DeanMarkTaylor, I hate slow hotel internet!

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Ah that is a valid request, I remember that one coming up before. We just never got around to it.