Unformatted text gets formatted if submitted by API

(Dylan Hunt) #1

If I post something inside unformatted blocks (using backticks), it is still formatted.

For example, a full-width comma will show up as a normal-width comma ,.

This can be important for use with 3rd-party API’s/parsing, esp. for non-English forums.

You can see above, it works fine here – but in the API, it’s “formatted before it’s unformatted”.

This can probably be worked around by disabling the “pretty autocorrect” or something like that in admin options, but who wants to :slight_smile: it’s so pretty.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

There is no API. I need you to understand this. There is only Discourse, which is a Javascript app which runs in the browser, that calls the server to take actions. Everything you describe as “The API” is simply the web app running against the only interface that there is. “The API” is built in and has been from day one.

So therefore, excute the command in the browser, watch the F12 network tab, and et voila, there are your “API calls”. See this topic.

They are exactly the same thing.

(Dylan Hunt) #3

Wow, I’ve been living in the Matrix all this time.