Unified Experience / Custom Layouts - Recommended Approach

What’s the recommended approach to creating a unified user experience with custom layouts and interactions?

What is on and off limits?

Is everything in app/ sacrosanct and does the architecture support extensive customization in the views while still allowing for updates?

I do not understand what you mean. Can you provide some actual examples of what you want to do?


One thing we are thinking about doing is reskinning Discourse with a third-party static template. We’re curious about how far we can go with this. We are guessing changing the CSS is easy but we want to know how flexible the layouts are.

An alternative idea is to do passthrough authentication (SSO? Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso)) with our other content (we have more than a forum) and have Discourse available on a tab in our site and try not to make things look disjointed. We plan on templating, or doing whatever your framework supports to make the style match.