Unique registration for Discourse + Wordpress/Drupal + Wiki


Hello, I read other topic about integrations of Discourse with wordpress, drupal or static sites.
I’m very very interested in it. And I like mostly embedding Discourse in blog’s posts as a comment system. It creates that linkage between outward and inward discussions that I was looking for.

I would like to propose to my community (we’ve been talking only by mailing list, a mess) to build up an online platform to discuss (by discourse), to publish (a blog where everybody are authors), to write collective documents (by a wiki).

My doubt is: can we make it simple, integrating the users of all this three software?
I mean, I would like that who is registered in Discourse gets automatically a user profile with same name and password also in Wordpress (or Drupal) and MediaWiki.

I have also other question, I’ll open other topics… sorry for disturb!
Thank you very much, Discourse is awesome

(Jeff Atwood) #2

The integration between Discourse and WordPress (via WP-Discourse) is well tested and works great for most folks.

I can’t speak to MediaWiki integration, we don’t have any there.


Thank you! What about Drupal, the plugin it’s working well?
Maybe through some plugin integrating WP/Drupal with mediawiki or other wikis? Do you know anything?

Thank you!