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So if you are on holiday for 30 days, you won’t see the last 30 days of new topics, just the last 2 – unless you have modified your user preferences. The New tab explains this, I have highlighted the relevant sections:
[/quote]OK, thank you. That answers part of my question. I had misread that and thought the “new” setting in preferences referred only to the “new” indicator next to a topic, not to the contents of the “New” page.

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As for unread, watched topics should appear there – unless you’ve dismissed them. Did you at any point dismiss unread via these buttons, either Dismiss Topics or Dismiss Posts?
[/quote]As I said:

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I read all the posts which were listed in “unread” - the list is blank. I also read all “new” topics in the categories I’m watching, and a couple of others which interested me, then used x,r to dismiss the remainder.
[/quote]So yes, I dismissed some topics - but not in the categories I’m watching.

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Yeah, that is all I can think of though that would exhibit the behavior you are seeing :frowning: Is that maybe Dismiss Topics was used and it picked a few topics in the categories you are watching. Next time you see one in your notifications that isn’t in your Watched list, can you take a few notes for me?

  1. What is the initial date that topic was created and do you think that date was prior to you setting up that category in your watch list
  2. What is the “tracking” of that topic when you go to it. Watching, Tracking, Regular?

I just don’t have a good answer for what you experienced @TechnoBear.

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[quote=“cpradio, post:22, topic:20979”]
Is that maybe Dismiss Topics was used and it picked a few topics in the categories you are watching.
[/quote]No. On this occasion I can say with complete certainty that there were no topics in the categories I’m watching when I used x,r to “Dismiss New”.

[quote=“cpradio, post:22, topic:20979”]
Next time you see one in your notifications that isn’t in your Watched list, can you take a few notes for me?
[/quote]All the notifications were for topics in my “watched” categories - or topics which had started in one of those and then had their category changed.

The topics in my notification screenshot above are all set to “watching” when I visit them. I can’t remember exactly when i set my preferences, but it was at least a couple of months ago. The topics which are shown as “unread” in that screenshot were all started while I was away.


The post by eviltrout which is not marked as unread I must have visited either from the “unread” menu or from a “suggested topic”. That topic was started on 19th August, but I had taken no part in it.


Does that help at all?

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Might the
Other Automatically track topics you enter
Preference setting be in play here?

You will automatically track all new topics in these categories. A count of unread and new posts will appear next to the topic.

(TechnoBear) #25

Perhaps - but I’m not sure how. The “odd one out” in the above list - Digest email text/plain part contains HTML entities - contained only one post prior to eviltrout’s recent reply, and while I expect I’d read that post (as it’s in my “watched” categories), I can’t see I’d have spent more than four minutes reading it. My settings are:

(I changed “consider topics new…” yesterday, in the light of codinghorror’s reply above, but the other settings have been the same for at least a couple of months.)

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I am facing the same issue. The notification I read keeps reappearing at least 10-15 times. I’ve read the entire thread and all the posts. For examples I’ve attached the screesnhot, I’ve read these notifications at least 3 times.

Update - I received the same notification, after an hour or so. There has been no new activity on the posts.