Unread/new badge style?

(Jeff Atwood) #17

This feedback does not make sense to me – the old unread/new badges were round for a year, so are the new ones. The only thing that changed is that they are outline instead of filled, so they give a “lighter” feel to the page that I think reads much better, and the more of them you have on the page the more pronounced the effect is.

(Jens Maier) #18

I’m with @cpradio, I don’t like the new, ‘lighter’ feel. Scanning the topics page for new stuff has become harder, and badges for PM notifications and other notifications are almost indistinguishable.

It might be better if the outline were more pronounced, for instance twice as wide as it is now.

(Sam Saffron) #19

It bothers me we are making such a radical change 1 week before v1. I also find it a bit harder to scan for unread stuff now as stuff blends.

I feel like an improvement to the hamburger menu came at the cost of a general regression globally.

Also I think radical changes like this really should be behind a feature flag for a while.

(Nathan Rijksen) #20

I might be off on the round border thing, I was simply trying to pinpoint what I find offputting about the new design. Regardless of whether it was round before I still find the new design to feel out of place.

Also can’t help but feel this fix falls under the category of “if it aint broke dont fix it”.

(Sam Saffron) #21

I feel this is an area where we should just start shipping multiple themes, that way a new “modern” or “sleek” theme can re-haul some areas, at the moment this styling feels out of place in comparison to say category badges. and other areas of the site.

(Jeff Atwood) #22

How is changing a CSS style from solid circle to outline circle a “radical” change? I guess I just disagree with your definition of those words.

The actual change to the hamburger isn’t even there yet, the docking of the numbers to the top right of the category (versus floating off to the right with a space between).

(Sam Saffron) #23

We just made it significantly harder for me to tell, at a glance, what I have new and what I have unread, that is radical in my books

(Nathan Rijksen) #24

How simple the change was (in code) makes no difference, you can change the color of the blue buttons to red by changing just 6 characters and it would make a HUGE difference.

Maybe radical isnt the right word but I would agree that the change is quite big, I mean I immediately noticed the change the second I hit meta today.

(Sam Saffron) #25

On top of that we go on about “complaint driven development” and there were 0 complaints about old style

(lid) #26

maybe slightly off topic, but how important is to have separated counters for
new posts and unread old posts

I mean if i check a topic of interest, does it matter for me how old are the post that I did not read yet?

Besides if old unread is such an important feature. Why there is no way to navigate / view unread old while I inside a topic?
Do we expect the user to just jump back and forth between the topic and the topic list to get to the last old unread that have left?

(Sam Saffron) #27

This is off topic there is a separate discussion on that

(Dave McClure) #28

I agree after using this for a day. I think there is definitely room for improvement on the earlier look, but we didn’t quite nail it.

It’s worth playing around with more, but it could wait until there is some more breathing room to experiment if there’s a lot of v1 pressure.

(lid) #29

sam I said this is slightly off topic, but I think it has some relevance to this discussion.If am not mistaken you where one of the people that said that the counter should be joined, at least on the hamburger menu.

The inability to distinguish between the two counter status that the new design implicate is something that ux wise need to be corrected.
But if the counters can be joined, Then this design change is not that bad.

(Sam Saffron) #30

Gray unread circle for “stuff that was on the page last time you visited topic” and blue unread circle “for brand new posts on topic” is a religious issue, I don’t want to muddy this discussion with it

Dig up the discussion it is here somewhere

Gray and blue unread counters on topics
(Jeff Atwood) #31

The broader complaint was the nodebb discussion about our default design looking too busy. Reducing the weight of new and unread counters makes the design less busy, especially for active users. It is still super heavy when you have a lot of unread counters on screen, I have been in VC meetings where I had to literally apologize that the site, when I showed it logged in as me, looked lit up like a christmas tree with new and unread and extremely noisy/busy because I follow every topic on meta which is not typical at all.

Just explaining the intent, which I agree with, Kris does not randomly pull this design stuff out of his butt – it was posted here and got positive initial feedback.

(I also feel new and unread absolutely fights like hell visually with the category badges precisely because they are also filled-block-with-white-text and so near each other.)

That said we certainly have other things to work on and we can always revisit later. One thing that is much worse and needs work, I definitely feel the hamburger menu needs that offset-and-docked treatment @kris.

(Dave McClure) #32

I still agree with this. And I completely sympathize with the intent of the change that was tried today. It did make it less busy.

But it also impaired the functionality of the site because it made it too difficult to see what was new and unread at a glance.

Those two competing goals are the very definition of a tight balancing act.

Gmail does it well by bolding the text for new/unread topics and dimming the background of read ones. That may not work here, but I think it’s an ok example of where the subtle difference is not too noisy yet still very easy to distinguish at a glance

One thing I like here are the pin and lock glyphs on the left for pinned and closed topics, respectively.

They stand out pretty well, but are not too noisy.

I wonder if something similar could be done for new and unread.

(Lee_Ars) #33

My only complaint with the briefly-implemented outline style is that there didn’t appear to be any differentiation on watched threads between new unread posts and old unread posts. Rather than one being a gray badge and one being a blue badge, they both were blue-on-white with no visual distinguishing characteristics at all.

Gray and blue unread counters on topics
(Toby Erkson) #34

I had no difficulty finding the new items but I haven’t been using this site nearly as long as some of you so the adaptation was easy for me.

BTW, what in the heck is the “hamburger menu”? :hamburger:

(Mittineague) #35

I guess someone was hungry when they coined the term :laughing:

It’s in the top right between the magnifying glass and avatar

(Jeff Atwood) #36