Unresponsive category

Unresponsive category

There is one category, in my brand new Discourse I just installed, that if I click on it, there is a never ending loop and the Category do not open. I can click at top menu to go back to home page and go into other section of Discourse without problems.

I can’t delete the problematic / messed up category as if I click on it, it doesn’t open. some loop / hour glass icon turn around in a loop

May I delete it manually ?

That’s strange. Can you share a link? Did you remove the description topic?

You might remove it from the rails console. Something like (XXX is the category I’d)

./launcher enter app 
rails c


Weird, after several minutes, problem went away by itself…
tks @pfaffman for the answer !!

If you’re can help me on this one, I would be ready to go after that last little challenge :

An easy solution is to add a password on the mail server.

sorry the MTA / Mailserver used is not a Pop-Imap mail server but just a SMTP server… Not possible to use a user and password… That accept inbound from anyone but outboud " through IP autorization" only…

DO you know if we can turn that off on discourse ? TO send email out using mail.something.com without authentication ?

Every SMTP server that I’m aware of has supported SMTP passwords for the past 25 years (search: your-smtp-server password). I’m sure that there is a way to get discourse not to want to authenticate, but I don’t know what it is and I don’t recommend it (you can probably search here and find it, though; I’m sure this has come up).

IP isn’t that safe because a spammer can just spoof the IP and then use your SMTP server to send mail. There is no downside to using a password.

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